Personnel View

The Personnel View is an alphabetical list of all personnel on the site or a list of personnel related to a particular group such as a Division/Unit, Lab, Program or Subsite.

In order for a Personnel view to be populated, individual personnel content types have to be identified with the relationship that is being used as a filter. For example, in order to create a filtered personnel view for Division X, individual personnel must have DivisionX listed on their relationship tab. See Add Personnel 

If you need to create a content type solely to create a relationship for a Personnel View, create a Program content type. The Program content type allows the Personnel View paragraph so additional pages are not required. 

  • Select the Paragraph tab
  • Select Add Personnel View from the Content drop-down list.
  • Add an Administrative Title to help you remember the purpose of the view during later edits.
  • Add a Heading if desired
  • To filter by a group, start typing the name of related Division/Unit, Lab, Program or Subsite in the Filter by field. Otherwise, leave the field empty for no filtering.
    • A drop-down list should appear with suggested names.
    • Select the name if it appears in the list.
    • If the name does not exist, it will have to be added the system first.
  • Save

The text preview automatically pulls text from the personnel body, however, to customize preview content, Summary field by selecting Edit Summary at the top of the Body content Box

Example of Personnel View

Susanna Naggie, MD

Vice Dean for Clinical Research
Susanna Naggie, MD, is the Vice Dean for Clinical Research and Associate Professor of Medicine in the Duke University School of Medicine.