Add a Division/Unit

Use the Division/Unit content type to create a front page for departmental divisions, major educational programs and initiatives, etc. This content type offers a full screen hero image across the top of the page and a blue band with the name of the unit, across it and all related pages. The name of a Division/unit will be added to the list of other division/units on the site and can be used to sort and display news, events, stories, blog posts, faculty, and persons associated with that unit. 


The division/unit form is organized into sections by three tabs: Main, Paragraph and Sidebar.

Main tab

  • Add the page title that should appear on the site.
  • To upload a Featured Image (hero image), click the Add mediabutton. See Working with image/file upload fields for additional help.
  • Add text to the image with the Featured Image Text field.
  • Fill out the Intro Text field to add a brief summary at the near the top of the page.
  • Fill out the body field. See Formatting Text section of this document for additional help.

Paragraph tab


Sidebar tab

Menu Settings

To add a page to a menu:

  • In the Menu Settings box on the far right of the page, Select the Provide a menu link box.
  • Edit the automatically generated Menu link title field if necessary. eg. Change "About the Office of X" to  "About Us."
  • Select the Parent item from dropdown menu. This is the the page to which the current page should be attached.
  • Set an optional Weight value to set the sort order in the menu for the page.
  • Save.

See Add Content to a Menu for additional help. 

URL Alias

URL Alias: A shorter URL can often be useful when promoting certain programs or events. See: Create a Custom URL