Urgent Requests

Please submit a ticket to DHTS if:

  • Your site is down
  • You need your site restored from a backup – staging area sites are backed up nightly
  • Urgent requests (needing a response/action in less than 2 business days)

Please include the URL of the site you are requesting assistance with when submitting a ticket!

Microsoft Teams

If you have general questions that don't need immediate assistance, feel free to post to the SoM Web Federation User Group in Teams. As more question lines are developed, more specific content areas can be added.

Email for questions about how to use any of the features and/or functionality built into the Drupal instance or if something is broken or not working correctly.

New Feature Requests

Requests for new features will be addressed by the Web Advisory Group (WAG). Requests will be triaged and assessed on their overall value to the users on federation.  The WAG will make their recommendation to the Web Governance Group which meets monthly. Approved requests will be added to our new Dashboard where you can monitor their progress.

The feedback system is simple to use, and the basic process can be summed up with the following steps, but please read the documentation on the tabs below before starting.

  1. Sign in with the account you use for Google Analytics or create one using your Duke email account (See Getting Started).
  2. Familiarize yourself with the interface (See Overview Page & Main Page).
  3. Search the existing requests to see if someone has added a similar request (See Search for an Existing Request).
  4. If you find an existing request, add a comment to provide any additional details you have observed (See Read & Add Comments to a Request).
  5. Otherwise, create a new request that includes example links and a screenshot, if possible (See Create a Request).

When your site is ready to launch

  • Submit a ticket in ServiceNow
  • Include your staging site URL, the URL for your new site, and a timeline for launch (at least 2 weeks notice is required) Once you submit your ticket, you may no longer make edits to the site until it's launched.
  • In the comments section, ask that the ticket be assigned to Web Services-DHTS