Formatting Text - Using the WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG editor (What You See I What You Get) is the main way to enter text in the Body portion of a page and format that text using the icons on the toolbar. Some of the features are the same as found in a word processing software, some are specific to editing web pages. In general, to apply functionality, highlight the desired text and then select one of the icons from the toolbar. The icons and their functions, with examples where appropriate, are listed below. 

Basic Text Formatting |  Headings | Styles | Hyperlinks | Pull Quotes | Insert from Media Library | Insert Table



Spell Check

Misspelled words will display a red squiggly underline.  CTRL >right click on a PC or CMD >right click on a Mac will display potential correct spellings options. Select the desired spelling. 

Basic Formatting

Bold  |  Italic   |   Underline*   |  Strikethrough   |  Superscript1  |  Subscript

Align left   |   Align right  |  Align center    |  Justify   |  Insert horizontal line 

Bulleted List  | Numbered List | Insert Symbols 

* The underline is not generally used on web pages since underlined content is typically a hyperlink. Avoid using it whenever possible.


View of Normal menu options

To ensure ADA compliance, headings should be used to organize content, and should be used in order.

Ex: Heading 2, heading 2, heading 3, heading 2, etc. Do not skip around  (Heading 2, heading 5, heading 3)

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6


Intro Style - typically for introductory text on a page. Centered and formatted.

Highlight a hyperlink and the style menu will offer the option to make it a button.

Create a Hyperlink

hyperlink icon red

 Left side chain link is to link to other pages on the website.

  • Highlight the text that will become the hyperlink
  • Select they hyperlink+ Icon 
  • Start typing the name of the page on the site to which the text should be linked. 
  • Select the appropriate page from the list provided
  • Select Save

Link to documents on the site 

Ensure that the document has been uploaded to the Media Library

Follow the directions for Add/Insert Document Link in Working with the Media Library

hyperlink icon blue

  Right side chain link is to link to any URL

  • Highlight the text that will become the hyperlink
  • Select the hyperlink Icon
  • Paste the URL in the URL box
  • Select OK
  • Select Save
hyperlink icon blue

Link to an email address

  • Highlight the text that will become the hyperlink
  • Select the hyperlink Icon
  • From the Link Type menu select "E-mail"
  • Paste the email address in the "E-mail Address" box
  • Optional: prefill the subject and any additional desired content
  • Select OK
  • Save
anchor icon

Link to a particular spot on a page (anchor)


  • Place the cursor at the beginning of the line to which the hyperlink will point
  • Select the flag icon 
  • Name the anchor a short memorable name or acronym
  • Select OK. A small red flag will appear, but will not be visible on the published page.

If the anchor is in the same paragraph (content box) as the hyperlink

  • Highlight the text that will become the hyperlink
  • Select the rightmost hyperlink Icon
  • From the Link Type menu select "Link to Anchor in the Text"
  • From the "By anchor name" menu, select the anchor to which the hyperlink should point.
  • Select OK 
  • Save

If the anchor is in a different paragraph or you want to link to the anchor from a different page, etc., add #anchor to the end of the URL of the page where the anchor is. 


Unlink hyperlink Icon

Unlink hyperlinked item

  • Select hyperlink
  • Select the unlink hyperlink icon.

Pull quotes Icon

Pull Quotes

  • Select the text to be highlighted
  • Select the pull quote icon
  • Save

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Media Icon

Insert from Media Library

Images, audio and video can be inserted into the text box, as well as in separate paragraphs.  NOTE: Be sure to use the icon with the music note. The other image icon will not format correctly. 

Images must be uploaded and pre-sized. The editor is not yet able to size of images. 

See Working with the Media Library

Table Icon

Format Tables

  • Select Table Icon
  • Select the number of rows and column desired
  • Select Headers for rows, columns or both
  • Add optional caption
  • Select OK
  • Add Data to the table
  • Save

The Width of the table will expand with the length of the text until the table is the width of the page

Optional Caption
Column Header Column Header
Row Header                   Content                          
Row Header Content