Reimport all Scholars@Duke Profiles

Reimporting Scholars profiles often updates profiles on the website site that do not match profiles in Scholars, perhaps due to a promotion or an update in a faculty title. Typically, sites will update within a week of changes being made in Scholars, but manually reimporting scholars will push available updates immediately. 

Note: It may take up to 48 hours for updates made in Scholars@Duke to be available for import by websites.

 If you find Scholars content missing, such as a missing photo or profile, you can make Scholars reimport all content for all scholars by:

  • Go to Configuration > Web Services > Duke Scholars Fetcher.
  • Check the all items box.
  • Press the  Import Scholars button and the system will calculate how many scholars will be imported,
  • Press the Import Scholars again and wait for the blue progress bar to show that the import is complete. 
  • Refresh the cache to display any new content. 

Note: The Scholars reimport can take several minutes or more depending on the number of scholars imported. The Scholars@Duke system also has a lag, sometimes of a few days, between when content is added to the system and when it appears in its feed for importing, and manually reimporting Scholars content will not help in this case because the content isn’t available yet.