Manage Users

Site administrators can add and delete users and assign roles via the People manager accessible via the People tab on the top level toolbar. 

add user screenshot

Add a user:

  • Select People
  • Select Add User 
  • Add the user's Email Address in the form
  • Add the user's to the Username field.
  • Since the user will use shibboleth authentication to log in, use the email address ( as a password in both password fields. 
  • Assign roles by selecting the appropriate checkboxes. 
    • Users can be assigned multiple single permissions like News Editor, and Personnel Editor, or a more comprehensive role like content or site administrator to aggregate permissions.  The Content Administrator and Media Manager roles should be sufficient for most users.  
  • Select Create New Account
  • Send the new user the link to login (site URL/user) and the link to the documentation site. 

Block a user

  • Select People
  • Use the Name or email contains field to search for the users
  • Select Edit
  • Under Status, select Blocked
  • Save

Blocking a user preferred when it is necessary to immediately prevent someone from accessing a site.  Deleting users can take place during regular user maintenance since it will may have ramifications for the published and unpublished content created by that user. 

Users with permissions to edit a specific content types, will be able to edit ALL examples of that content type on the site, not just a specific one. Example: Lab editors can edit all labs on the site, but not any other content types. 

Remove assigned roles

  • Use the Name or email contains field to search for the users
  • Select edit
  • Uncheck the desired permissions
  • Save