Working with Content Types

Content types are essentially pre-formatted pages that are used to display and organize content in a specific way. Each content type has a specific look and functionality that helps organize and display information. The Basic Page is the most common content type. 

Working with Content Types training session video

General Anatomy of a Content Type 

  • Title
  • Featured Image
  • Intro Text
  • Body

Paragraphs: Not all content types allow all paragraphs See Working with Paragraphs

Sidebars See Working with Sidebars

Relationships: To what section(s) of the site does this content type belong? Relationships allow for content types to be sorted and/or aggregated by a common relationship. For example: Adding a division relationship to Scholars Profiles, allows a Division faculty view to be created, listing all of the faculty "related" to that division.

  • Related Division/Unit
  • Related Program 
  • Related Lab
  • Related Subsite

Menu Settings: See Add Content to a Menu 

URL Alias: A shorter URL can often be useful when promoting certain programs or events. See: Create a custom URL

Adding content menu

Use the Front End of the site

  • Log in
  • Navigate to the page to be edited
  • Select the Edit tab and edit content. 
  • Save

Use the Content Manager

  • Log in
  • Select Content at the top left of the page.
  • The My Edits tab will display pages previously edited by the logged in user. 
  • Use the Title field to search for the page to be edited. Filter by Content Type and Published Status To narrow down results
  • Select edit, on the far right to edit the content
  • Save.

See: Working with the Content Manager for additional information

The Create New Revision button is selected by default when a page is saved, so every time the page is saved, a new version is created. When making major edits to a page, make a note in the Revision log message block, so that it's clear what revisions were made at that time. 

  • To revert to previous versions of a page, select the Revisions tab at the top of the page
  • Select the Revert link next to the desired revision
  • Confirm the revision.