Add Third-party Interactive Elements

Units who would like to use a 3rd party interactive element like the Duke Health Virtual Tour will need to submit a request for approval from DHTS.

  • Units should submit their request to DHTS prior to purchasing licensing for the element.
  • DHTS will examine the element for stability and security. Elements that might compromise the stability or security of the federation WILL NOT BE APPROVED.
  • Once an element is approved, DHTS will create the block and apply it to the appropriate location. 
  • DHTS will not be responsible for supporting or maintaining external elements. Users will need to seek assistance from the provider. 

Before submitting the request

  • Decide if the interactive element will go on a single, multiple pages or every page.
  • If the element will be on a single or multiple pages:
    • Create all pages for element to be applied to
    • Create a Full Content Box where the element should appear with a note indicating to add the code to the box.
      • For instance if an element should be in the right column of a Two Column Row, create the row, add the Full Content Box to the right column and a note like "(an virtual tour here)."
    • Obtain the code for the third-party code and save it to Box or OneDrive as a text file and share it with all Duke users.

Submit a ServiceNow ticket

To request approval of a third party interactive element, submit a ticket to the DHTS Service Desk. Please include:

  • The name of the element and the website for the creator/vendor
  • The URLs for the pages that get the third-party element
  • The URL for the code in Box or OneDrive (see above) or a link to download the code from the vendor

Plan for a turnaround time of at least 10 business days. 

Approved Elements