Add a Landing Page

The Landing Page content type is used for the site's homepage, as main pages for special endeavors, a splash page, or the page associated with the top items on the main menu. Landing pages allow for a the choice of hero layout and multiple paragraph types to organize and showcase content. Landing pages do not have left side menu options. 

Examples: Home page or Newsroom

Main tab

  • Add the page title that should appear on the site.
  • Select a Hero Media type. The Hero Media is the large media image(s) at the top of Landing Pages such as the home page.

Examples of Hero Media

Adding Hero Media

  • Select one of the Hero Media types from the drop-down menu.
    • Click the Add media button to add an image or video. Upload or select media type from the image selector (.png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .svg) or link to video files. See Working with the Media Library for additional help.
    • Add the desired text, captions and/or buttons.
    • If the hero media has an aligned image, select the desired alignment (left or right).
    • To add an additional slide to a carousel, press the Add Hero Media: Carousel Item button.

Paragraph Tab


Sidebar Tab

Menu Settings

To add a page to a menu:

  • In the Menu Settings box on the far right of the page, Select the Provide a menu link box.
  • Edit the automatically generated Menu link title field if necessary. eg. Change "About the Office of X" to  "About Us."
  • Select the Parent item from dropdown menu. This is the the page to which the current page should be attached.
  • Set an optional Weight value to set the sort order in the menu for the page.
  • Save.

See Add Content to a Menu for additional help. 

URL Alias

URL Alias: A shorter URL can often be useful when promoting certain programs or events. See: Create a Custom URL

Save Your Work

Press the Save button at the bottom of the page once all changes have been completed.