Add an Icon Row

Add an Icon Row

Icon Rows are used to feature navigation on Landing Pages and Division/Unit pages. They are essentially large, graphic navigational buttons, that showcase an image as well as text to highlight the content to which user is being directed. See Below 
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About Icon Rows

  • Icon Rows consist of white 'buttons' to which can be added images and text on either a plain blue background or a geometric blue background.
  • The width of each icon adjusts to fill the page depending on how many icons are used. Fewer icons in a row, make each icon wider. More icons in a row, make each icon narrower
  • The height of all of the icons will adjust to the height of the tallest icon's text and image.

About images in Icon Rows

  • Images will shrink to fit in the icon, however, small images will not render larger. 
  • The overall dimensions of the image will remain the same. Square images will remain square, rectangle images will remain rectangles.  
  • Recommended size of an icon image is at least 200 px square
  • See Working with the Media Library for information about working with images
  • Catalog of Icons for icon rows.

Add an Icon Row

  • Select the Paragraph Tab
  • Select Add Icon Row from the Content Box drop-down list.
  • Add an Administrative Title to help you remember the purpose of the icon row during later edits.
    • Add an optional Display Title that will appear above the icon row.
  • Select the Background style
  • Select Add Icon Item
  • To add an icon image, select the Add media button. See Working with the Media Library for additional help.
  • Add a optional Heading.
  • Add Icon Text
  • Add Icon URL by typing the name of the page to which the Icon is to link. A list will populate of potential pages. Select the desired content.
  • Select Add Icon Item to add additional icons, up to four.
  • Save

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Optional Title - Geometric Blue Background