Add a Blog Post

If your site has a blog, the Blog Post content type can be used to add new posts or link to articles on another site.

In Edit mode, using the main menu at the top left corner of the site, select Content > Add Content > Blog Post.

The blog post form is organized into sections by three tabs: Main, Paragraphs and Related.


Main tab

  • Add the post title that should appear on the site. Required
  • Click in the Date textbox and select the desired publication date in the pop-up calendar. Required
  • Check the Hide Date box to hide the date in blog views.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and uncheck the "publish" box
  • Save
  • Select Edit and continue to add content 
  • Fill out the Author Name field if a name should appear on the site.
  • Fill out the Author Email which makes the author name a hyperlink for the reader
  • To upload an Author Image, click the Add media button. See Working with the Media Library for additional help.
  • Add Topics if desired. Creating a list of commonly used topics will be helpful.
  • To upload a Featured Image (hero image), click the Add media button. 
  • Click the Edit summary link to the right of the title for the Body field, and add a brief—ideally one or two line—summary.
  • Fill out the Body field. See the Formatting Text section of this document for additional help.

Paragraphs tab

Related tab

If the page has related divisions/units already added to the system, begin typing the name of the first division in the Related Divisions/Units field. Choose the division from the drop-down list of suggestions. Related labs, programs and subsites can also be added in the same way in their respective fields.