Add a News Item

The News content type allows you to add articles to your website or link to articles on another site. Note: The Stories content type should be used for magazine content such as articles for Magnify.

The news form is organized into sections by three tabs: Main, Paragraphs, Related and Sidebar.


Main tab

  • Add the article title that should appear on the site.
  • Click in the Date textbox and set the desired date in the pop-up calendar that appears.
  • Check the Hide Date box to hide the date in news views.
  • Fill out the Author Name field if a name should appear on the site.
  • Fill out the Author Email field to add contact information for the author.
  • To upload a Featured Image (hero image), click the Add media button. See Working with the Media Library for additional help.
  • Add Topics if desired. Creating a list of commonly used topics will be helpful.
  • Click the Edit summary link to the right of the title for the *Body* field, and add a brief—ideally one line or two line—summary.
  • Fill out the Body field. See the Formatting text using the WYSIWYG editor section of this document for additional help.


Paragraph types

Related tab

  • If the page has related divisions/units already added to the system, begin typing the name of the first division in the Related Divisions/Units field. Choose the division from the dropdown list of suggestions. Related labs, programs and subsites can also be added in the same way in their respective fields.