Add a Timeline

A timeline is a collection of individual timeline milestones (events) displayed on a page in chronological order. (Example) It is created as a content type and then applied as a paragraph. Timeline milestones can be sorted by decade. A single timeline milestone can be displayed on multiple timelines. Timeline milestones can be created with and without images. The image size for a milestone is 400 px w x 225 px h.

Creating a timeline is a three step process. 

  1. Create the timeline
  2. Add the timeline to a basic page
  3. Create timeline milestones

Create the timeline

  1. Content > Add Content > Timeline
  2. Name the timeline
  3. Save. 
  4. Any content written on this page will be for the editor only. It will not be visible on the timeline.
screenshot-drupal federation timeline

Add the timeline to a page

  1. Create a basic page
  2. Select Timeline: Filtered from the paragraph drop down menu on the paragraph tab
  3. Type the name of the desired timeline in the filtered field
  4. When the proper timeline populates, select it.
  5. Save.

The page will display the page title, a dropdown menu by decade and an Apply button

Timeline milestone

Create Timeline Milestones

  1. Content > Add Content > Timeline Milestone
  2. Add name of the event 
  3. Select the timeline on which the milestone should be displayed. You may select more than one
  4. Select the decade in which the event occurred
  5. Select the date of the event. This date is not displayed, but is used to order the milestones. If the date is not known, just pick a month and day in the year. If more than one event happened in that year, select months and days that will ensure the events are properly ordered on the timeline. 
  6. Add the image if there is one .
  7. Add text short description in the body section, feel free to add hyperlinks to additional information, articles, etc.
  8. Save. 
  9. The event should show up on the page that houses the timeline. 

Example: School of Medicine Milestones: A Historical Timeline



  • To reorder milestones on a timeline, change the date of the event. 
  • If the timeline milestone doesn't appear, ensure that it's been assigned to the timeline.
  • If the  milestone doesn't appear when the timeline is sorted by decade, ensure sure the decade was selected on the timeline milestone. 


Sample Timeline

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wilbert davison
Dean Selected

Dr. Wilburt Cornell Davison elected first Dean of the Duke University School of Medicine and Hospital on 21 January.



joseph and Dorothy beard

Joseph Beard, MD, and his wife and research partner Dorothy developed a killed-virus vaccine for horse encephalitis, AKA "blind staggers," using ultracentrifuges and chick embroyos. The vaccine saved hundreds of thousands of horses and protected humans, which also helping establish the notion that killed virus is effective and safe as a vaccine.


PA program building

Dr. Eugene A. Stead Jr., then-chairman of the Department of Medicine in the Duke University School of Medicine, started the nation's first physician assistant educational program, a two-year curriculum to train people to fill a societal need for more medical practitioners, and expand the prior education and experience of ex-military corpsmen.


jane richardson

Duke biophysicist Jane Richardson’s ribbon diagram, a method of representing the 3D structure of proteins, is first published.

Science's 'Mother of Ribbon Diagram' Celebrates 50 years at Duke