Add a Publication List

The Publication List is used to display a list of publications from a specific unit established in Scholars @ Duke. Users can display publications for an entire unit (department) or any of its subsidiaries (divisions) as long as the desired unit has a unique organizational ID number in Scholars @ Duke. Publications lists can be filtered to show all of the publications produced in the unit or only those published by faculty with primary appointments, and they can be filtered by a specific time frame - i.e. last 2 years, last 10 years, etc. 

The Publications paragraph is available on the following content types: basic page, divisions/unit, landing page, program page and subsites.

screenshot-org number displayed in Scholars at Duke.

To create a Publication List:

  • Select the Paragraph tab
  • Select Publication List from the Content Box drop-down list.
  • Add an Administrative Title to help remember the purpose of the paragraph during later edits.
  • Add Display Title if desired.
  • Check Primary Appointments Only to limit the list to where one or more authors have a primary appointment in your unit.
  • Find the Organization ID for the desired group at
  • Copy only the numerical part of the of the the organization ID (50000849.)
  • Paste the ID number into Organization ID field.
  • Click the Add another item button if the list should have publications from more than one group.
  • Set a Timeframe.
  • Change the Number of items per page if desired,
  • Save.

View of Publications Page

Form for adding a Publication List

Example Publication List