Using a Blog Post or News to link to an article on another site

The Blog Post and News content types can be used to link to an article on another site instead of adding an blog post or news article to your site. The steps, detailed below, are the same for both content types.

from the admin menu at the top left corner of the site, select Content > Add Content > Blog Post or Content > Add Content > News.

The add/edit form is organized into sections by three tabs: Main, Paragraphs and Related.

Main tab

Fill out only the following fields when using the News content type as a link to an external article.

Fields for adding News or a Blog Post as a link to an external article.
  • Add a title for the external article.
  • Click in the Date textbox and set the desired date in the pop-up calendar that appears.
  • To upload a Featured Image, click the Add media button. See Working with the Media Library for additional help.
  • Add Topics if desired. Creating a list of commonly used topics will be helpful.
  • Click on Link to External Article and enter the URL for the page on another site in the External Article field.
  • Click the Edit summary link to the right of the title for the Body field, and add a brief—ideally one line—summary.


Do not add any paragraphs when using the Blog Post or News content types as a link to an external article.

Related tab

If the external article is related to divisions/units already added to the system, begin typing the name of the first division in the Related Divisions/Units field. Choose the division from the drop-down list of suggestions. Related labs, programs and subsites can also be added in the same way in their respective fields.