Add Profile: Manual List

The Profile: Manual List can be used to create custom lists that can contain can both Scholars profiles and personnel, such as department or division leadership pages, or to create custom lists, such as an executive committee. This paragraph type is manually sorted to allow the flexibility to build lists that, for example, have leadership at the top and staff below.

  • Select the Paragraph tab
  • Select Profile: Manual List from the Content Box drop-down list.
  • Add an Administrative Title to help remember the purpose of the paragraph during later edits.
  • Add Heading if desired.
  • *Select Add Personnel: Single Profile or Add Scholars: Single Profile from the Profile List drop-down list depending on whether the first person on the list has a Scholars Profile or has a Personnel page on the site.
  • Begin typing the name of the person in the textbox and select the desired name from the generated drop-down list
  • Repeat from *, adding people to the list, until everyone has been added.
  • To reorder the list, select and drag the move icon, shaped like a cross with arrows at all four points, up or down the list to reorder.
  • Save.


Example of Profile: Manual List

R.J. Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Executive Vice Dean for Administration
Professor of Pathology