Edit a Scholars Profile

All Profiles are imported directly from Scholars @ Duke, so there is no mechanism to add a profile from within the site. There are only two changes that can be made to a Scholars profile that will not be overwritten with the next Scholars update. Help with Scholars@Duke

  • Add a Primary Position
  • Content added to the Body field
  • Relationships that identify which divisions, labs, programs, or subsites a profile should be related to.
scholars content type edit view

Find the Scholar

  • Select the Content Tab
  • Select the Scholars @ Duke Entities tab
  • Find the profile to be edited
  • Select the Edit button 

Add a Primary Position

  • The primary position is used when an administrative title is preferred on the profile view page instead of the default academic title. 
  • All of the other titles will still be visible on the profile. 

Add content to the Full Content Box

  • The Body field can be used to add any supplementary information about the scholar that should appear on your site
  • See Formatting Text to format text in the Body field.
  • Save

Set the relationships for the profiles

  • Below the Full content box are four fields 
    • Related Divisions/Units
    • Related Labs
    • Related Programs
    • Related Subsites
  • These items must be built before profiles can be related to them.  
  • Begin typing the name of the division/unit, lab, program, or subsite, to which the profile should be related.
  • Content will begin to populate below the field
  • When the correct option is offered, select it. 
  • Select Add Another Item to add another of the same content type or go to the next content type and repeat until all of the relationships have been assigned. 
  • Save